CE Provider # 50-17535 - Florida Board of Nursing and Nursing Assistant,
District of Columbia Board of Nursing & CNA/HHA,
Georgia Board of Nursing Approved, Alabama State Board
of Occupational Therapy Approved, Other Disciplines are approved see others


Basic First Aid

This course is for Educational purposes and provides review of the principles of basic first aid for some common injuries, such as: Bleeding, sprains, strains, shock, Head, Neck and Spine Injury, allergies, anaphylaxis, fractures, burns, stings, animal Bites, Snake bite, spider bite, scorpion stings and poisoning emergency.

When the participants have successfully completed this course, he/she will be able to:

1. Describe the Good Samaritan Legislature,

2. Describe how to prioritize care/ Head, Neck and Spine Injury

3. Describe reasons to initiate call to 911,

4. Explain the initial assessment procedures,

5. Explain how to place a patient in the recovery position,

6. Discuss first, second, third and fourth degree burns and describes the treatment,

7. Describe RICE therapy; the mnemonic for 4 elements used to treat soft tissue for

Injuries such as treatment for sprains and strains

8. Describe treatment for fractures

9. Describe treatment for bleeding

10. Describe the signs/ symptoms of shock,

11. Describe the treatment for shock

12. Describe treatment for nosebleed

13. Describe the treatment for Animal, Snake, and spider bite, Scorpion stings

14. Discuss treatment for Allergy

15. Describe treatment for anaphylaxis,

16. Discuss Steps in a Poisoning Emergency