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District of Columbia Board of Nursing & CNA/HHA,
Georgia Board of Nursing Approved, Alabama State Board
of Occupational Therapy Approved, Other Disciplines are approved see others




Approved by the Florida Board of Nursing FBON Approval # 50-17535. View other Board approval below.


1. Study the course content

2. Complete the examination

3. Schedule the class practice and competency skills check session.



Review online before coming into class session:


Cost $190  $140.00

TIME - see am or pm schedule.


Class Dates after IV Therapy
Pm schedule
3 pm-7 pm

05/01/19 Wednesday

05/04/19 Saturday

05/08/19 Wednesday

05/10/19 Friday
05/18/19 Saturday
05/31/19 Friday
06/05/19 Wednesday
06/14/19 Friday
06/19/19 Wednesday
06/28/19 Friday
07/06/19 Saturday
07/10/19 Wednesday
07/20/19 Saturday
07/24/19 Wednesday
08/03/19 Saturday
08/07/19 Wednesday
08/17/19 Saturday
08/21/19 Wednesday
08/31/19 Saturday
09/07/19 Saturday
09/14/19 Saturday
09/20/19 Friday
09/25/19 Wednesday
10/05/19 Saturday
10/09/19 Wednesday
10/19/19 Saturday
10/23/19 Wednesday
11/02/19 Saturday
11/06/19 Wednesday
11/16/19 Saturday
11/22/19 Friday
11/30/19 Saturday
12/04/19 Wednesday
12/14/19 Saturday
12/20/19 Friday
12/28/19 Saturday

Am Schedule

Class Dates 9 am-1 pm

02/12/19 Tuesday

02/26/19 Tuesday

03/26/19 Tuesday 

04/19/19 Friday

05/07/19 Tuesday

05/16/19 Thursday

05/21/19 Tuesday

06/07/19 Friday

07/16/19 Tuesday

07/23/19 Tuesday

08/15/19 Thursday

09/04/19 Wednesday
09/12/19 Thursday
09/17/19 Tuesday
09/28/19 Saturday
10/02/19 Wednesday
10/12/19 Saturday
10/17/19 Thursday
10/25/19 Friday
10/28/19 Monday

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PHLEBOTOMY 24hr (Blood Draw Training)  


The purpose of this course is to provide the healthcare worker/ professionals, with an understanding of Phlebotomy, the reasons for Phlebotomy, review of integumentary system and how it relates to Phlebotomy. This course will also provide the participant with knowledge relating to the vascular system, legal and professional standards, infection control, accidents/ incidents that can arise through venipuncture procedures and to teach the learner how to handle complications when they occur. This course will be provided through classroom lectures, clinical instruction and hands on training in venipuncture techniques. The participant will perform venipuncture technique /lab draws on manikins within the classroom/lab. 

Phlebotomy practice sessions include: drawing blood via vacutainer, butterfly and syringe methods (mannequin).

This is a great opportunity for LPNs and RN who need to refresh or for new grads who are eager to learn more. 

This course is approved for all Nurses, Graduate Nurses, Midwife, Medical Assistants, RT and other healthcare providers. 

This course has two sections: 20 hour home study / online and 4 hour classroom section; for a total of 24 contact hours at the end of the program.

24 Hours of continuing education credit

 and Course workbook is included.


Offers flexible course schedules

Provides Highest quality courses

You will have the opportunity to practice the venipuncture procedures

You will have the confidence to complete the phlebotomy skills on the job!!





is a Licensed Training Provider (American Red Cross). 
BLS,CPR/AED/ First Aid courses offer 2 year certification.

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