CE Provider # 50-17535 - Florida Board of Nursing and Nursing Assistant,
District of Columbia Board of Nursing & CNA/HHA,
Georgia Board of Nursing Approved, Alabama State Board
of Occupational Therapy Approved, Other Disciplines are approved see others


- EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES NEEDED (Donors can deduct contributions they make-  501 (C ) (3) status.


Mannequin (4)

• Full-size Mannequin – with female genitalia that allows for catheter insertion; must have moveable joints;                                                         lifeweight style mannequins are not permitted, mannequins should weigh less than 45 lbs.

Clothing: to fit mannequin

• Long-sleeved button or snap front shirt extra large size (8)

• Long-legged pants, elastic waist sweat pants style preferred (8 extra large)

• Socks (8 pair-non-tube socks; sock should have defined/formed heel area)

• Working hospital style-bed (4): - Regular mattress (we are not allowed to use air mattresses)

  • height of bed and head of bed must both be able to raise and lower
  • side rails on bed are optional

• Paper towel dispenser at sink area; stocked with paper towels with an additional supply for use at bedside.

• Liquid soap dispenser at sink for hand washing

• Call light device

• Side chair (4)

• Soiled linen hamper

• Overbed table (4) – working controls to raise and lower with level surface with wheels to move

• Bedside cabinet (night stand)- must have 3-drawers or one drawer and 2-shelves (Rubbermaid style-plastic style drawer set suffices, if 2 bottom drawers are of sufficient size to hold basins in middle drawer, and bed pan, graduate container and toilet paper in lower drawer.)

• Commode chair

• Working assembled wheelchair with footrests and brakes – standard size; model with swinging and/or removable footrests

Hoyer lifts,

scales and

IV poles (2)

Basic Supplies:

• Bath Basin-rectangular (2) (shape necessary for foot care)

• Emesis basin 2

• Bedpans (fracture and regular)

• Denture

• Denture container/cup with lid

• Toothpaste (10)

• Denture brush (10)

• Lotion (10)

• Soap for bathing (liquid soap preferred); soap dish if bar soap used

Single Use and Disposable Supplies

• Toothbrushes (individually wrapped) (10)

• Sponge-tip applicators (individually wrapped) (10)

• Straws (individually wrapped)

• Plastic spoons and forks (10) (individually wrapped preferred)

• Snack-size containers of Jell-O-type gelatin, pudding or applesauce- not expired (10)

(10) • Emery Boards

(10) • Orangewood Sticks

• Alcohol pads/wipes (individually wrapped) (20)

• Gloves (non-latex- all sizes) Boxes

• Toilet paper rolls

• Napkins

• Drinking Cups 6-8 oz cups (20); 3-oz cups (20)

• Hand wipes (individual)(20)

• Tissues boxes


• Flat sheets (16)

• Fitted sheets (16) must fit mattress size

• Pillowcases (26)

• Bath blanket or similar item (16)

• Pillows (10)

• Hospital-style gowns x-large size (10) (prefer without shoulder/arm snaps)

• Hand towels (25)

• Bath-size towels (25)

• Washcloths (70)

• Clothing protectors (bibs) (16)

• Underpads (disposable or reusable) (16)

Additional items:

• Gait or transfer belt (4 large)

• Disinfectant spray or wipes

• Indwelling catheter (16) (for insertion and retention in mannequin when testing catheter care)

• Urinary drainage bag (16)

• Clear graduate container marked with cc’s /ml’s for measuring urine

• Yellow food coloring (4)

• Funnel (4)

• Irrigation syringe (4) (to facilitate filling of urinary drainage bag) and

small syringe (4) to inflate catheter balloon

  • Sink (1) with hand controls for turning on and off water.
  • Privacy curtain (4) (The curtain does not need to wrap around bed area; shorter widths of curtains from shorter rods are acceptable, as long as students have curtain to push and pull to demonstrate provision of privacy.)
  • Clock (1) with second hand
  • Yellow Infection control gowns (10)
  • Clothing protectors (8)
  • Please make all checks payable to TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC.
  • Donated items, Equipment /supplies can be sent to: TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. 1021 LAKELAND HILLS BLVD,                                       Lakeland, Florida 33805.

    Financial Contributions can be sent:  log unto DONATE and contribute via Credit card or PayPal account.

    Thank you in advance for your support.