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CE Provider # 50-17535 - Florida Board of Nursing and Nursing Assistant,

District of Columbia Board of Nursing & CNA/HHA,

Georgia Board of Nursing Approved, Alabama State Board

of Occupational Therapy Approved, Other Disciplines are approved see others



Registration and Enrollment Agreement/ Returns and Refund policy:

I acknowledge and I understand that the training materials that are used within the classroom and on-Line class information is the property of TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. as well as secondary personnel and is copyrighted© and protected under the Federal Laws within the United States of America.

I acknowledge and I agree that I am responsible for my own personal safety while attending any classes at any Florida or other locations presented by TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC.I understand that if I am pregnant, have back injury or problems and/or any other medical conditions, I am required to advise the instructor and I will not participate in any of the lifting skills and/or other skills beyond my personal physical ability. I understand that the CNA challenger prep. course taken at TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. does not confer a diploma, college credit or degree. This course is for test preparation. Examination preparation course means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, that is offered by a person or entity that discloses in all advertising that the course or program is for test preparation. After completing the CNA exam Prep - students will need to take the Florida State CNA examination and pass to become a Certified CNA. After completing the Phlebotomy or EKG or Medical Assistant Exam Prep course; take a national certification examination of your choice. Professional Development programs or courses are non-degree, non-credit courses that are intended to enhance existing skills, help you to gain general knowledge, enrich your understanding, are great for those will train or supervise others within the workplace or the community, will assist the learners who want to upgrade existing skills, also great for those who need to refresh their skills, and provide a Train the Trainer concept; and gives you the knowledge and confidence to train others.

I acknowledge and I understand that the on-line classroom management system will track the personal IP Address of Computers that access the on-line classroom. I understand that all the information within the courses at TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC, including but not limited to, class lectures, on line course, video presentations and documents/ books, handouts has all been obtained from resources perceived to be reliable at the time and is presented for general information use only. This information does not replace any procedures or information detailed in any other officially issued study guide, articles or other materials and government published documents or legislative acts. I agree that TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. is not responsible for any loss, liability, damage or injury that may be suffered or incurred by any person in connection with anyone who receives any type of treatment, attention, services, first aid, BLS, CPR or treatment from a student who uses TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC.

I agree that TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. is not responsible for any loss, liability, damage or injury that may be suffered or incurred by any person in connection with anyone who receives any type of treatment, attention, services, first aid, BLS, CPR or treatment. I hereby RELEASE, TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC, and/or all the associates, authors, teachers, instructors, agents, Partners and training center from all responsibility of any liability for any claim and/or damages that may result from my participation in any course at any location or training center in the State of Florida associated with any training classes, career development, professional development programs or courses, examination preparation classes or continuing education courses. Payment is required for All courses that you complete; as a 501 (c) (3) organization, TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. will allow you to retake examinations if your 1st attempt was not successful, you will be allowed the opportunity to review course content as much as needed for 1 year, you will be given the opportunity to retake the examinations as much as needed and free of cost.

CE Courses are for 1 year. If you do not complete the course and pass the examination within one year, you will be required to re-purchase the course. For examination Prep courses, exam fees are not included in course cost and certification examination fees may vary from $125.00 - $160.00 depending on the vendor (they do not allow fee repeat exams).

Remember to carefully read your state licensure renewal requirements because some jurisdictions have very specific topic limits or requirements on the number of accepted Home Study credits or online credits. State laws change frequently, so remember it is your responsibility for interpreting your state's laws, course relevancy, licensure requirements, and all the requirements for your state. PLEASE ENTER PAYMENT INFORMATION ONCE TO AVOID MULTIPLE PAYMENTS. KEEP ACCESS CODES SECURE. MAINTAIN PROFESSIONAL ETHICS & CODE OF CONDUCT AT ALL TIMES. *No call no show is unacceptable for all classroom courses; you will forfeit your course fee, as your seat could have been used by someone else*

CANCELLATION POLICY: Returns & Refunds policy

For Online courses/home study or online and class combination; Due to the nature of our online materials, terms of purchase are considered fulfilled when access is granted. There are no refunds for accessing the online educational courses or the materials. When the purchase is completed, the purchaser has been given access to the courses/ material; this fulfills all terms of the purchase agreement.

All online courses are nonrefundable; you are given the course content, you also have an entire year to complete the course. For medical/emergencies, written proof will be required.


For class session only courses, no class content is given until class session. refund is given (minus a $20 processing fee).

For employers who are switching out students; there is a $25.00 processing fee  

CANCELLATION FEE – Remember TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC. is trying to provide courses at low rate. Cancelling Without notifying TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC: – the Bank/financial institution will charge a fee called a CHARGEBACK FEE as much as $29.99; over which Train For Success INC. have no control. You will be responsible for paying that CHARGEBACK fee if you cancel without contacting Train For Success INC. (Chargeback fee is only created because of the cancellation - without notifying TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC). If you need to cancel; contact TRAIN FOR SUCCESS INC in writing, so that the appropriate procedures will be followed and the Bank/financial institution will not apply any chargeback fees). Contact forms are available on website; simply select contact us link and send message.

Payment plan for IV THERAPY 30 Hr :

1st payment will be half of course cost and

2nd payment will be the remaining half of course cost (due 2nd week after 1st payment). Updated course ACCESS CODE will be provided after 2nd payment is completed. Full payment is required before participant is allowed to start the online session. Full payment is required before participant is allowed to complete class session.


1. For  all AMERICAN RED CROSS courses: 

Notification must be submitted to the office 48 hours in advance to canceling or rescheduling a class (you may submit via contact form on web page).

(Rescheduling your class does not incur any cost).

**No-shows are not acceptable and you forfeit all class cost**

Any paid classes must be taken within 30 days or you will forfeit your payment.

Cancellations at any time will incur a $20 fee for all classes:

2. For Blended Learning courses; online & class combination  are nonrefundable and class room only classes are refundable, minus the $20.00 fee.  

**Payment is required for all courses and will be applied to card provided as applicable** By registering/ paying for the course(s) I agree to the terms listed. 

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