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CE Provider # 50-17535 - Florida Board of Nursing and Nursing Assistant,

District of Columbia Board of Nursing & CNA/HHA,

Georgia Board of Nursing Approved, Alabama State Board

of Occupational Therapy Approved, Other Disciplines are approved see others

Phlebotomy Technique & Safety Review 8h

  • 365Days


The purpose of this course is to provide Nurses: Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Graduate nurses, Midwife, RT and other the health care professionals and (CNA/ PCT working in the hospital setting), with the opportunity to review phlebotomy, the Anatomy and Physiology of the cardiovascular system, review of integumentary system and how it relates to Phlebotomy. Review of various reasons for Phlebotomy, Technique, vein selection and venipunture procedure. This course will also provide the individual with knowledge relating to phlebotomy technique and safety, components of blood, some common lab test review, legal and professional standards, infection control, accidents/ incidents that can arise through venipuncture procedures and the handling of Vacutainer and other equipment. This course is provided online and allows the individual to review at a relaxed pace.

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Course Steps

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